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BaByliss PRO Gold Skeleton Replacement Blade 1.0

BaByliss PRO Gold Skeleton Replacement Blade 1.0

Normál ár 18.890 Ft
Normál ár Akciós ár 18.890 Ft
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The FX707ZE is a replacement blade for the Skeleton trimmer series FX7870.
It has a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Titanium coating for extra strength and durability.

How to replace the SkeletonFX blade in 2 steps:

  • To replace the blade, first turn off the trimmer and remove the old blade using the screwdriver.
  • Then place the new blade on the tool and make sure the blade is in the correct position.

Before and during use, regular cleaning and maintenance with BaBylissPRO 4in1 SprayFX are recommended to ensure clean performance and increased durability.


  • Standard replacement blade for Babyliss Pro SkeletonFX Trimmer
  • Colour - Gold
  • High Quality RVS with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) titanium coating
  • 2 Gold screws included
  • 40mm
  • Zero gap adjustable
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