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BaByliss PRO FX3 Trimmer

BaByliss PRO FX3 Trimmer

Normál ár 85.890 Ft
Normál ár Akciós ár 85.890 Ft
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Product description:



Just like the metal SkeletonFX, the FX3 trimmer has a 360° exposed blade, and its body
is similar to the cut-off body everybody loves that allows you to have that free space to
really get into the tight space around your client’s facial hairs.

360° exposed Titanium T-blade
The FX3 has a higher angle up with an increase of 15% on the blade angle. When you are using a trimmer for a line-up, if you are flat to your client’s head, you will notice that other trimmers are diving down a little bit and it is not going to be a normal position for you.
Because the FX3 has a higher angle up, as you do it in the same position, what is really good about that is that you will have a much more leveled blade.
So, this means that when you are doing edges, the blade is going to lay flat exactly where you zero-gapped it. That angle is just a lot more natural.
It is a small feature, but which makes a huge difference!

It makes edging easy and quick.

Very long run time
On a 4-hour charge time, this trimmer has a 4-hour run time, which is a lot, especially if you build good habits and turn your trimmer on and off when you are not using it to save its power.

High performance & high torque digital motor
7200 rpm with constant speed tech
> stays at constant speed for full 4 hours of cordless runtime
> outstanding cutting performance

4 LED battery indicator lights
It will give you how much battery is left, so you always know when charging gets necessary: 75% - 50% - 25% - 0%.

Lithium-polymer battery – cord/cordless operation
• Up to 4 hours of cordless runtime reached on a 4-hour charge time

Low vibration
The lower vibration of the trimmer allows the muscles of your hand to be less tired or stressed-out at the end of the day.

Hanging strap
Two different-size hooks (one small and one super wide) are provided which are good for storage on your working station if you want to hang your trimmer. It’s also an additional grip provided to make you feel more secure.

  • Technical specifications:

    • 360° exposed Titanium-coated 40 mm T-blade
    • Run time = 4 hours
    • High performance & high torque digital motor - 7200 rpm
    • 4 LED battery indicator lights
    • Lithium-Polymer battery - cord/cordless operation
    • Low vibration
    • Hanging strap

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