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BaByliss PRO FX3 Clipper

BaByliss PRO FX3 Clipper

Normál ár 139.890 Ft
Normál ár Akciós ár 139.890 Ft
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Product Description:

 BaBylissPRO is a technological company constantly inventing and tailoring new tools to meet the needs of hairstyling or barbering professionals.
Each new product development involves our best engineers, the resources within our best production plants, and, finally, dozens of professionals who test and share their insights to improve
the products as their developments go along.

 Now close your eyes and imagine yourself driving a sports car. Speed astonishes you, and time flies very fast. You will experience this same feeling with the FX3 series of BaBylissPRO.

 Because it is this same feeling that hundreds of hairdressing and beard professionals, FX3 convinced users worldwide have shared with us: having an FX3 in your hands makes you feel like having a sports car in your hands.
Like sports scars, they are slim, very aggressive but in a good way, very powerful, as sharp as hell, compact and light, with a beautiful design called the “European feel” in the USA.

 The FX3 has a streamlined design to blend into the hand, a very ergonomic shape perfectly adapted to the details of the hand. Ideal for barbers and hair stylists who have set up a barber corner in their hair salon and wish for transition and mixed tools.

 They are the perfect tools for professionals who love letting the tools work, knowing that these tools will do the work.



More ergonomic and comfortable in your hands than any other clipper of its category, with a little groove under the blade for your finger and a thumb rest located on the front of the clipper.
5 locking detents to set the cutting height with a push-button (also acting as thumb-rest) for easy operation.
If you push the power button down, it’s the off position. As you go up,
this is first going to be your 6 000 rpm speed, and the next level up your 7 000
rpm speed.


But why would you use one over the other?

• when you use the slower speed, the 6 000 rpm, it will be more for your fading because it will not cut too quickly. It is slower and
you will do an excellent, slower cut.
7 000 rpm speed will cut faster and will make sure that it will go right
into any hair texture and remove bulk.

4 LED battery indicator lights

It will give you how much battery is left, so you always know when
charging gets necessary: 75% - 50% - 25% - 0%.

Serrated Titanium fade blade

This blade is excellent for fading, similar to a flat fade
blade. Its steeper angle and high precision make it perfect
for barbers and stylists who don’t want to tap but punch the
lines. The FX3 will give you more punching sensations.
Zero-gapping is very easy. As good on dry hair as on wet hair.

Incredible run time

On a 5-hour charge time, this clipper has a 5-hour run
fantastic time especially if you build good
habits and turn your clipper on and off in between you
are not using it to save their power. 

Guards’ system

An additional contact point under the guards has been designed for more holding.
Also, little hooks have been added on their sides, which allow them to stay on and clip on even better.
The FX3 guards are flatter than the others and have a slimmer ridge.

> So, when you are fine-tuning and detailing, you will find yourself loving the tightness of the blade.
> You will be sure your guard will not fall off when you fast
through the hair during the haircut.

High performance & high torque digital motor

6 000rpm & 7 000rpm with constant speed tech
> Stays at a constant speed for full 5 hours of cordless runtime
> Outstanding cutting performance

Lithium-polymer battery – cord/cordless operation

• Up to 5 hours of cordless runtime reached on a 5-hour charge time

Low vibration

The lower vibration of the clipper allows your hand muscles to be less tired or stressed out at the end of the day.

Hanging strap

Two different size hooks (one small and one super wide) are provided, suitable for storage on your working station if you want to hang your clipper. It’s also an additional grip
equipped to make you feel more secure.


Technical specifications:

  • Lightweight = only 278g
  • Powerful DC engine with variable speed: 6000 rpm or 7000 rpm
  • Serrated Titanium fade blade 45 mm
  • 4 LED battery indicator lights
  • Lithium-Polymer battery - Cord/cordless operation
  • Up to 5 hours of cordless runtime!

Comes with:

  • Cleaning brush
  • Screwdriver
  • Oil for lubricating knives
  • Adapter
  • Eight guards (1.5, 3, 4.8, 6, 10, 13, 16, 19 mm)
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